Sunday, July 09, 2006

It's All About Megan...

On June 12th, Megan graduated from Kindergarten. Of course, we are very proud of her. She always received good marks, and was most delightful to have in class! Quite the opposite, I have to say, than the way she behaves at home. I wouldn't trade her for ANYTHING in the world...she is so darn special...but, golly, she can stir up some trouble! Well...three down and one to go! Cade will start kindergarten in the fall of 2007.

Back in March, Megan had a Ballet Recital. She was so pretty, and I never got to share the pictures Rob took of her during the recital. I was the official portrait photographer for the event, as you may have probably noticed from my website. There's a link to the Ballet Event. So, I got so busy with the printing, that I forgot to share Megan with all of you. Gosh, that was so much fun. I'll never be able to say no to doing a big event like that. The ballet teacher was there to help with all of the poses, and the girls all had on their recital outfits. Beautiful!

If you want to see Megan's ballet event portraits, then go to this link
Megan is in Baby Ballet 4, and she is the second row down after the class picture.

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Jeff said...

Cool photo blog Ali!! I added you to my cool-photographer-friends blog role.