Thursday, July 27, 2006

Megan et les Tournesols

In this field of sunflowers, Megan was quite a bit taller than they were. I loved that these fields were so recluse, that we could just wander out in them without feeling like we were going to get in trouble....we were extremely careful not to hurt any of the crop.

Now, as you can see.... the flowers in this field were quite a bit taller than Megan. This trip to the Loire Valley was so enchanting in every way. I told her to think like she was Alice in Wonderland. We had a lot of fun wading out in this field trying to get a shot of the castle here in this valley. The Chateau d'Usse was one of our favorites, and it was otherwise known as the castle of Sleeping Beauty. They had wax figures set up in the tower replicating scenes from the fairytale. Enchanting! Megan was on the run exploring every inch of this castle!

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Jeff said...

Oh man that's cool. Looks like an Escher (sp?) painting... kind of surreal with the reflection so similar to the real castle.