Thursday, August 17, 2006

Lady Akela

We have a new puppy! Her official name is Lady Akela. But we'll call her Akela or Kela. At the time I fixed up this pic, we thought it was just going to be Kela. Besides, I like the K in her name! Anyway, she is a total delight. We have already started training her, and she's doing well. We'll keep you posted with more pictures and updates as we go.


learningbean said...

Congratulations on the puppy! The family just keeps getting is she my puppy-cuz unit? love, cammy

michelle dutton said...

Hi Akela,
This is Auntie Michelle. You are going to be spoiled rotten and loved unconditionally. You will be petted, walked and pampered. Eat and rest alot so that you can give the kids horsie rides when you get bigger. Love, Auntie Michelle

Paula Porter said...

She is just adorable!! I know the kids are in heaven having a puppy!!
Congratulations on your newest family member!!