Tuesday, August 22, 2006


No....this isn't Alabama. This picture was taken while I was travelling in the Loire Valley in France a month ago. This was a picture I loved, but it didn't strike me as gallery worthy until I played around with it. I cropped it tighter and lost much of the scenery but as a result got a much better, cleaner portrait out of it. It's not as cluttered and the boat now leads your eye to the center of the picture. Here is a BEFORE picture. Notice the satellite dish in both pictures? Funny.

With all of the downtime I've had on my hands lately, I've been cleaning up my website a bit and making the necessary changes due to my relocation. Have a look! You'll find the gallery links to my Wurzburg and Loire galleries, which I am very proud of!

I am still working out of the library for internet stuff. I only check my email once daily or sometimes every few days. We should have internet in the house up and running sometime after the 28th of August! Snail mail and packages, however, come straight to my front door!!! It's an amazing concept! Now, for those of you have never been stationed overseas and had to deal with a community mail room may take this concept for granted. LOL. I even adore how fast stuff arrives after ordering online! Amazing! Love it!

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