Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Kacy and Kelcy

You know what....why don't you just come look at the whole gallery of these two sweethearts!
These are friends of a couple of years now. You may recognize them from my website. They came all the way from Tennessee to see us and have some pictures taken!


Amanda Bogard said...

Hey Ali~ Awesome pics as usual. Kelcy and Kacy have gotten so big! This pics are just adorable! Maybe after Ross' deployment next summer, we'll get stationed near you guys and can have pics done w/ you again. ;o)

Love and Hugs, Amanda, Ross, and Tierney

Josie said...

How cute are they? Wonderful picture Ali. As always, you bring the best out in our lovely children.
Love ya-Josie

Heather said...

Oh ALi, thank you for posting these. Nick and I both were so attached to Kacy :o) We always wonder how she is doing...she is a big part of why I wanted a little girl so badly. In the nearly 6 months since I have sen her, she has really turned into a little girl...and looks like Marrissa more than ever :o) Love you guys :o)

ali mocabee said...

And this is why I posted them and their whole gallery...because most everyone who looks at my blog knows these girls and wants to see how they are growing! I feel very blessed to have made so many good friends while in Germany!