Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Letter from Megan's Teacher

This came home yesterday, on Megan's birthday. I was not prepared for this.....

To the Mocabees,
Today our class was asked to tell about an important person to them and to tell why that person was important. Typical responses were "My mom because she takes care of me"; " my brother because he plays with me"; even, "Mrs. Wall because she's funny." Nothing prepared me for Megan's response.

I have enclosed a copy of her journal page because I believe that you should cherish this response and that you should know how very special you and your family are. Never have I met a "brand new" seven year old with this understanding of not just the storybook Jesus, but the Jesus who is the salvation of humankind!

You have nurtured an awesome soul here. It glows through her personality as I've told you before. I shared this with many people on our faculty who were as awestruck as I am. Mr. Nelson said, "I hope she doesn't lose it." Nurse Dogget said that even though she may stray from this root of faith, you parents have made it strong enough for her to always be pulled back to it.

I want to congratulate you on a job well done. I want to honor you for knowing how important that job is.

Thank you for giving me a child who brightens my day every day...but today she took my breath away.

Mrs. Wall

P.S. In today's world I suppose I should put in a disclaimer that this is a personal opinion and not an official opinion of this school. here to see Megan's journal entry!

I was blown away by this. I had no idea that Megan had this kind of understanding of what Jesus did. Yes, I've explained it to her. Yes, I've made church a regular part of my children's lives. Yes, I've shed tears over His Act of love in front of the children. But, she's been so young. I just had no idea that she really knew.... I think Jesus might even be crying tears of joy right now for her! Amen.

And thank you, Mrs. Wall, for making a big deal out of this! 'Cuz it's a VERY big deal! Thank you!


Paula Porter said...

Ali, you are truely blessed with an amazing little girl! I know you are very proud!

Erica said...

Wow Ali....I got goose bumps all over. Thats very powerful.

LSUTigerRN said...


Megan's journal page brought tears to my eyes. I think her teacher said everything I could have said, only better. She's right; you and Rob are amazing parents, and your children are a testament to that.