Thursday, April 05, 2007


I'm part of a new organization called Operation: Love Reunited. Click on the OpLove link to the right to find out more about this charity! If you are getting ready to deploy soon, or you know somebody who will be deploying soon, you will definitely want to check out what is going on! And since I live near Fort Riley, where MANY will be deploying, you might even consider calling NOW to get started.... I have a feeling I will be very busy with these sessions over the next few months! And while I can't help everyone, I want to help as many as I possibly can. So, please spread the word about OpLove! Just because you are looking at my blog, but you live in another state or country, doesn't mean you can't take part! Visit OpLove's website to find out if there is an OpLove photographer near you! The more people you tell, the more photographers who will get involved!
Psst! This one just turned the big 5 today! My baby! My last one!

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