Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well, I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. My holidays didn't quite go as planned as you might have noticed because the 25 Days of Christmas suddenly came to a hault! That storm that came through and we lost power for a week....really, really threw me off schedule big time! I had to play catch up on orders and sessions, not to mention housework and Christmas preparations. As a result my vacation time was cut short. I really need some R&R and I am enjoying my family that has come into town.

I'll be back in the studio late next week. The New Year will bring some changes though, so be ready! I am going to be putting together some price changes and some great packages to choose from. My OpLove sessions will start being limited to about 6 sessions per month, so if you are interested DO NOT procrastinate! We could literally be booking your appointment several months in advance. Free OpLove sessions will also only be reserved for Soldiers with young children. This is just my attempt at trying to fit everyone in. Boudoir sessions are still acceptable but you will be asked to pay the session fee, and your soldier will still get the free album.

There may be more instances in 2008 where there will be booking freezes. I know for sure that I will be closed for most of April AND for one month in the summer (not sure which month yet). AND....this time next year...I will have to close for ALL of December which means Christmas sessions will have to be done as early as September and October. Please keep these things in mind as you are planning your calendar. I will do my best to keep everybody posted about my studio happenings!

Enjoy the rest of your holidays!

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