Friday, February 22, 2008

The latest...

I have so many great pics to share with you all... but rather than inundating you with about 14 pictures I couldn't resist...I'll go ahead and split them up into different daily posts. It gives you a great reason to check back each day now! I should be much better about blogging, because I am officially caught up on everything!

This first set of pictures are of Mikayla. This family has been regular clients of mine since Germany! So you might recognize faces from these next two posts. They are the three sisters from my some of my Fairy shots last year. Each girl came in to do a lifesytle in which we just try to capture their true personalities with a fun and relaxed session. Mikayla is very much into Gymnastics along with her sister Tia. Come back tomorrow to see Tia's pics!

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