Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Rare Opportunity!

I have done many, many boudoir sessions in the last year, but I have never been able to share any of them with you because their albums have been password protected (for obvious reasons). But my friend, Amy, has graciously allowed me to use her amazing session as an advertisement for you all so that you know how wonderful and artistic these sessions are! The Boudoir sessions that I create for you are always done in a very tasteful and moody style. I never "show" or "reveal" anything...but rather create the suggestion that there is a lot more where this comes from! If you would like to see ALL of Amy's boudoir session, go ahead and click on the picture to the left! It will take you straight to her gallery. You can learn more about pricing for one of these sessions by going to my main website and clicking under "info".

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