Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Shoot People!

Well, I do shoot people! And they don't usually mind! But actually, that is the name of the photo seminar tour that I just came home from in Kansas City. DB and DiEtte Sallee are an amazing husband and wife team from Dallas. They primarily shoot weddings, but also do portraiture...just not in a studio! Everything they do is on location, and they do the most amazing work I've ever seen! I may have to take some time off now... so that I can fine-tune my own style and create some dramatic templates to work with, and oh..... start charging for what it's all worth!

I also learned even more great lighting tips when shooting on location. I can't wait to put some of it to use.
And here are a few nice portraits from this family to share with you all!

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mariasingz said...

How expensive was it to attend the seminar you just went to?