Sunday, July 06, 2008

OUR 4th of July....

I don't claim to be very good at taking pictures of fireworks.... and we don't necessarily have cityscape scenery around here to add to their glory. So, if you look at my individual frames of fireworks that I did take on the night of the will think they are quite boring. So, I decided to collage all the good ones together and boost them up a bit! Here's the result! It was a spectacular night! And the best part! We never had to leave my house! Apparently, the neighbors all around here put up huge displays every year! We could even hear the DJ from across the woods where they were putting on this firework display. If you are on the southside of my house and facing South, you would have the splendor of standing in the middle of two huge fireworks displays on the east and west sides of the street. It was AWESOME! I felt like I was standing in the middle of some great scene in a movie. And even better, the weather was perfect and the temperatures cool with no humidity. The kids ran around all night in the yard....we had a wonderful barbecue, and we roasted S'Mores during the fireworks.

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