Tuesday, July 15, 2008

When to shoot...

Every photographer knows that they should be napping...not photographing... when the sun is high in the sky! But tight schedules, young children and R&R soldiers, don't always allow for the perfect timing of outdoor sessions. You go when the children are the happiest!

I was really feeling uneasy about how this family's outdoor portraits would turn out, even though we headed out at 9am! We still had High Sun to contend with. But I am pretty pleased with them despite the shadows. I think the great scenery distracts from the technical difficulties.

We also headed out to Pillsbury Falls again to do some waterfall pictures. But low and behold, a huge amount of trees and debris from the recent storms cover half of the picturesque falls!

Oh well... we went up and played on top of the falls instead, and got some pretty fun shots!

It's really about their relationship...and spending precious time with daddy while he's home on R&R.

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