Thursday, August 21, 2008

It Can be Done!

Six kids in this family! All under the age of 11 (almost!).... and no swapped faces or digital magic has been done in this group picture!
~The Heartbreak Brothers~
The Sisters will be back....I need to improve the digital swapping I did have to do on this one.

This was probably the EASIEST session I have ever done, believe it or not! I'm going to be forever "in awe" of what we accomplished here this morning!
Hey! And if anyone notices that my lighting looks MUCH's 'cuz I decided that (at 11pm last night) I need to re-arrange my studio. The backdrop is now on the same wall as the entry door, and faces the outside windows! This allows my window light to wrap from behind and to the left of the camera allowing for more light on the subjects and in their eyes! I can go back and forth from stobe lighting to natural lighting really quickly now using either/or when necessary.

1 comment:

Linda said...

I'm impressed that you did it! Great job!

I'm anxious to see the change in the studio....