Friday, August 22, 2008


This is a new photostock website..... . It's been in beta mode for about a year now. I uploaded some great stuff when it first got underway, and I have been terrible about stocking it full of some of my great work. I just got an email a few weeks ago, saying that they are getting ready to launch to the public in September, and some of my images are on their splash page. Every time you refresh the page, a new image appears. I have these two images, plus many more in my gallery on their website. But not enough!
They've requested I get busy and add more! They really want PEOPLE! So, if you are interested in some of your images going to a stock company, please come by and sign a model release. I have a particular one that is just for MyStock that you would need to sign. Or just shoot me an email, and we can do the whole techy scan, sign, and send! There's always snail mail! I'm sure the post office would just love some business!
This is not a penny stock company. They pay (me) quite handsomly for various sized downloads. I have a feeling that this company will do very well, once launched. They have done an amazing job at putting together a beautiful website that's easy to navigate. Take a look!

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Jessica Rittler said...

Waaay cool!