Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blog Frenzy! the next couple of will see a FRENZY of posts! Once again, I am so behind.... two trips to San Diego, a month apart will make for a lot of kind of craziness!

Anyway....some of you have heard me say... "I never say no to Newborns!" Some may have even heard me say... "I TRY never to say no to R&R soldiers!" Well, get this... as I am packing up my bags and the car to head out on my first road trip, I get this call from a soldier who's home on R&R for a brief time (as we all know!) I had to tell him that I was finishing up what sessions I had and I was heading out for my vacation. Then he said problem. We'll wait until I get're the only one we want to do our pictures! Did I mention...did HE mention...that he had a two -week old newborn baby...their first! I melted. I continued to practice adhering to my "i'm booked" standards...but the next day, I crumbled. I found his phone number still on my caller id...and I called him back! I told him that I could certainly give him an hour of my time for all of the sacrifices he is making for his family and his country! If he could come in the next day, I would take the pictures...capture his sweet baby as a newborn...and then go on my vacation and proof the pictures when I got back. Well, they are a long time in coming to the blog...but here are a few for you all to enjoy! Sweet, SWEET, family!

And below is another family that came in just before my first trip to San Diego. He was also home on R&R. They were also so kind and patient with me as I took AWHILE to get their proofs back to them!

Thank you everyone for being so patient with me this summer! It's been quite a challenge juggling the studio business with the kids home from school...and well, you know the rest...the geographical separation thingy going on! I just really appreciate everyone's understanding and patience!

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Linda said...

I had to laugh when I saw the bottom photos...I saw her and her son at Chili's this week. could not, for the life of me, remember where I *knew* her from, only that her face was SO familiar. Went through EVERYTHING I could think of...and finally touched on working at your studio! Ha! THAT'S where it was!