Sunday, September 21, 2008

Brown Tutu & Cowgirl Hat

My daughter, the wacko! She's quite goofy, but you've got to love her!
I asked her to model my newest costume set, and despite it being tooooooo small for her, and her long bangs, and her just being a plain goofball, I think we got some cute shots of her. She's 8 1/2 years old, but the brown knotted tutu and cowgirl hat are probably really meant for a 4-6 year old...LOL. Maybe I am just refusing to have her grow up! But seriously...this little model shoot was meant to show off one of my new costume sets.
Oh! And that blue door! Those of you who have been in the studio in the last 6months may have noticed my fetish for antiques. This blue door used to be the light green door. I plan on painting the other side of it, a bright yellow! The red door remains RED of course...because it is just perfect the way it is..and with the beautiful black hardware!


Linda said...

Ah, maybe the costume's made for a younger girl, but Meg made it look great! And the door turned out wonderful!!!

Samantha said...

Jaelynn would have looked cute in this...too bad she wouldn't do it!! Look forward to seeing the tutu on Kiera;)