Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Patriot Day" by Megan

Dear Daddy,
TodaysPatriot Day! In school I learned a lot about Patriot Day. I learned that bad people came and did bad stuff like put bomb on planes to make them crash. There
were Four planes thet crashed. One crashed into the pentagon.(whitch i have no clue what it is.) Another plane crashed in Pennssallvania. Then Another crashed into a tower while sooo much people were in it.Over onethousand people died that day. And the part that my music teacher cryed so hard about today was that many firemen andpolice officers went in to save the people but every single one of them died. Only a few people got away and sorvied. But most that tried to get away got ashes all over them. And if that tower fell we would have lost over 13,000 citisans. But luckily It didn't. What i'm shocked about it all happend 7 years ago we lived through it. The bad people think the more people they kill the closer they are to Heven but that is wrong. The leader of all the damage is in Iraq right now holding a gun and a sandwhich. We will catch that guy and he will drop his gun and his sandwhich same with his army following behind him.Today in gym was the FREEDOM walk. We had to walk around the gym and all the laps we walked counted as one of those people who got murdurd. Today in school I carryed one of mommys little flags all around the school. The really weird thing was the whole school smelt like smoke and there was smoke all over the place.
P.S. I'm crying right now and I was crying in music where I learned about Patriot Day and during the FREEDOM walk!

P.S.S. I talked about you to my P.E. Teacher during the FREEDOM walk

If you think this is sweet...go back and take a look at this POST from January 2007.


Linda said...

okay - so I read your email before I saw your blog post, lol! Glad you put it on here.

And the additional story from Megan? More tears....she's a great little girl, and I'm glad that she has even a teensy-tiny bit of influence in my daughter.

sarahbellum said...

I'm so amazed at how such a young child can be moved by her spirituality and by history. Both posts moved me to tears, thinking about how truly wonderful children really are. How very lucky you are to have such an insightful young lady!