Friday, September 12, 2008

My Del Mar Collection

Okay...I'm feeling like a real artist now! Check out my new collection in the Client Gallery/Prints for Sale. I had to get up pretty early for these...LOL! Well, you can only consider it early if you count the fact that I didn't actually go to be until 4:00am the night before (Reunion with the Girls!)... and then I got up at 7:30am to get back down to the beach before the sun got too bright...thank goodness for the ever-present marine layer only known to San Diego. This was my last chance to do it, and I had known I needed to since a week before. Okay, there's my story.... now go enjoy the collection of beautiful colors, textures, and a bit of scenery only known to this Del Mar beach.


Jeanette said...

Beautiful !!!

- Jeanette

hetherfether said...

the del mar collection is incredible! i've lived by the coast most of my life but have never seen it the way it has been captured by ali. i hope you will create some boxed notecards so i can buy some! incredible!