Thursday, November 13, 2008

Graham's Senior Session

From Rock Creek High School.....

Be sure to click on these two mural images so you can see the special effect applied. The pic above has a watercolor filter added. The pic below has a posterization filter added. I thought they were kind of cool. This is a St. George classic site.

This is one of those sessions where I came away wondering if we even got anything really good. I had wind and harsh sunshine to contest with...and I just had my doubts. But once I got to playing with these images, I was really REALLY happy with how they turned out!
Graham is a really cool guy...and he is very tall! I'm kind of short, and I forgot my ladder. But I managed to find rocks and monuments to stand on because I hate shooting up people's noses...LOL.... unless, of course, I'm shooting them sitting on a rooftop(image above), and then well.... up the nose you get! He came into this session with some great ideas...and he didn't want to do anything that other typical seniors do.


Diane said...

Great stuff -as always! I love the shots with the mural, the light, the effects -so cool!

Gwen said...

Oh, how fun! These turned out great! Great job, Ali and Graham!