Sunday, January 11, 2009

January Moon

"Moon Over Manhattan"

"Kansas Moon River"

"Moon O'er Top of the World"

Yesterday afternoon, Amy and I drove out to find some good spots to photograph the moon. We heard it was the biggest moon for the year....and it's time of rise (at sunset) was perfect for photographing. I wanted to photograph my kids "playing with the mooon" or find a sweet couple to smooch under the moon...but was bitter cold. My hands were frozen after just a couple of minutes of being outside! I decided to let the kids stay in the warm car!


Linda said...

Ali, these are BEAUTIFUL!!! I really love the first and 3rd ones...the first one really spoke to me deeply....and the 3rd one reminded me of the rolling hills and prairie grasses I miss so much.

lil_jogger03 said...

these are awesome!!!!! nice work ali :D

La Brisa Photography said...

Ali! i love the first one! What a fantastic fantastic shot! amazing!


rcaoldham said...

Your pictures are beautiful, I am kicking myself that I was unable to get some pictures. This morning was a good time to read your blog and get my priorities right in leaning on the lord as Andie goes through a surgery tomorrow. The worry has overwhelmed me, but I feel better now reading your words. Thanks you.