Saturday, January 17, 2009

Military Ball Packages & Special Offer

Ali Mocabee Designs & her team are delighted to have been invited to photograph several military balls over the next few months. We look forward to seeing you all dressed up, and we thank you so much for the opportunity to capture your memories in a beautiful and artisitic way! Here is what you can expect:

Package Pricing
Package A - $75.00 includes 1-8x10, 6-5x7, 6-4x6, 8-wallets (best value!!)
Package B - $45.00 includes 1-8x10, 2-5x7, 8-wallets
Package C - $25.00 includes 2-5x7
Package D - $45 digital negative delivered by email

Each package will include a folio for at least one of your 8x10 and one of your 5x7.
Additional sheets at $15 each. Within all packages, units are interchangeable. For instance, if you don't want 8-wallets, you can exchange that for another 8x10 or 2-5x7 etc.

All photos will be posted in an online gallery approximately 1-2 weeks after the ball. You may send your family and friends there to view your image and place a reorder if desired. Feel free to check out this gallery now for past ball photos.

At least two backdrops will be provided, depending on the space provided by the venue. We are hoping to fit a third in there as well. There will be one softly hand painted backdrop and one white backdrop, which will serve for the digital composites as well as anyone wanting to be photographed on white.

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I have heard nothing but compliments on how great your photography was for the AMEDD ball. Thanks so much!