Thursday, January 29, 2009

My New Toy

It's old actually...quite old. And it's all mine! The prettiest piece of junk you ever saw!
It was completely love at first sight. I picked it up from an antique store parking lot in Abilene.
The Atkinsons were my first clients to try it out!
Jason is home on R&R and getting to spend some great quality time with his adorable family!
I think we would have gotten more pictures to share, except as the sun was going down, so were the temperatures! Brrrrrr!!! These sunny days in January are deceiving!
The Evan-Meister! My friend...Amy's son. My soon-to-be nephew!

There you have it! My new toy!


lil_jogger03 said...

Very nice!

Kilgo4 said...

That is gorgeous! I love it.

La Brisa Photography said...

so incredibly jealous ali!i may have to "borrow" your new toy sometime soon!!! :)

ali mocabee said...

Ha! If you can find it, Chris, you can use it! I don't have it on my property anymore. I've moved it to a better location.

ali mocabee said...
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Gwen said...

I love it! That's so funny because I've looked at that truck every week for the past forever. I noticed it was missing from that parking lot a while back, but had no clue YOU had it! Too cool!