Monday, February 02, 2009

26 Random Facts about Me

I've been tagged so many times, I came up with an extra fact. I, however, will not be tagging anyone because I figure people will do this when they want to do this, or they've been tagged already. I copied this over from my Facebook profile, and that's where I did tag some people.

1. I drove a dunebuggy in highschool.

2. People who were jealous of my fabulous wheels often found ways of disabling it so I could not drive home from school. I guess I learned a lot more about how to fix cars than the average girl.

3. But don't feel sorry for me... I got asked to the Prom as a sophmore! He taped the note (asking me to the prom) to the steering wheel of the dunebuggy. I found it after softball practice.

4. In highschool, I worked at Round Table Pizza and the UA movie theater in Horton Plaza.

5. Every summer for 8 years, I worked at a summer camp.

6. In college, I worked at a convenience store called Zip Trip. I also eventually worked at Godfather's pizza, a one hour photo lab, the computer lab on campus, and the yearbook on campus, and the YMCA.

7. I was a synchronized swimmer briefly in junior highschool. I also played JV softball and was on the Tall flag corps.

8. I have a Tigger TATOOED on the small of my back which... if you know will not be suprised by this.

9. Michelle and I got our tatoos done by the Schwann's man.

10. I DROPPED OUT of college in my junior year, cuz I wasn't happy with the transfer I had made.

11. After returning to Whitworth College in what would have been my Senior year, I still managed to graduate with my class by cramming two years worth of work into one. I have no desire to ever further my education after that! LOL.

12. While in college, I had my first photo published. It was an author photo for the back of his book.

13. In 2005, our family mini van was stolen while visiting Prague. Rob, the four kids and I had to take the train home to Wurzburg, Germany.

14. I have a beautiful and very special autistic (high functioning) first born.

15. I had serious complications from toxemia after my first child was born. I came pretty close to the end.

16. I just recently won a national photo contest, and will have my second photo published next month.

17. I was a lifeguard/swim instructor for many years, but my kids only learned how to swim in 2007! Too much moving around, I guess....and too many babies back to back.

18. I love, love, love the feeling of sand and saltwater between my toes.

19. I miss, miss, miss bonfires on the beach.

20. I am a procrastinator. I work best under pressure with deadlines looming.

21. I've known since I was about 9 years old that I wanted to be a photographer. The college I went to didn't offer that as a degree, so I got a very well-rounded education with a liberal arts degree in English Education.

22. I LOVE to cook and bake. My favorite spice is cilantro. My favorite thing to make is STILL Pico de Gallo and is well received by many. I love Mexican food and the older I get, the spicier I like it!

23. VERY FEW people have seen me cry. Not even my husband. I cry alone. I cried like a baby the day I found out my brother-in-law died, but no one was around. I stay pretty stoic otherwise.

24. Despite not crying in front of others, I am a VERY EMOTIONAL person which is where my creativity comes from. I try hard to put emotion into everything I do. I love to tell a story with images.

25. My goal in life is to love and be loved and to try to be as humble and annonymous as possible....yet to leave a mark on all the people I've met so as never to be forgotten.

26. I fear basically nothing. In my opinion, the only thing TO fear is a broken heart because they never heal. God gives us the strength to do all things and not to be afraid of anything.


William McNeill said...

Dunebuggy as in VW? Too cool!

Gwen said...

Did you wimp out on your proposed line in #22? LOL - sounds a little better the way you did put it. ;)

I don't have a middle name either. It really bit in the eighties when monogram everything was so popular and I only had two initials. *rolleyes*

We had a VW dune buggie in AL. We LOVED to take that thing down to Geneva and get lost in the woods down there. Literally, we almost were lost one day. Thankfully, DH had his trusty pal, GPS, with him so we made it back home before anything crazy happened. lol