Monday, June 01, 2009

I think I'm homesick....

I don't know why...but at this time of year, I really start to feel homesick for the place where I grew up. Don't get me wrong...I love being in Kansas, our home, our community... but right now San Diego is calling for me and there is not much I can do about it, but miss it. I think it's the stinking hot & humid weather here. It could also be the allergies from the cottonwood blowing around...I did not have allergies when I was in S.D. And it could be that I'm missing my childhood in the land of never ending gorgeous weather! I miss my pool...the beach... the friends... and all the fun jobs I used to have. Maybe I'm just extra sad, because my summer doesn't hold a trip home for me this year. If I do go....I'm crossing my will be a very quick trip when my niece, Lindsay, has her baby! I guess, I'll sit and look forward to that.

Amy & Ali

Cliffs in Del Mar...summer of 2008


Larkin said...

Ali, sorry SD is calling and you can't go visit. Home sickness is one of the worst kinds. Hang in there.

Diane said...

I totally hear you Ali! I think the weather can really affect us and our moods -it's crazy but true. I feel like running away to ANYWHERE it's hot -it's been in the forties and fifties here and I can't even wear sandles! It bums me out when the weather isn't how it's supposed to be -according to MY internal clock -maybe it's the same with you a bit. One thing about this military lifestyle -wait long enough and it will change -it always does! Hang on and know you're not alone.