Thursday, February 21, 2013

He asked. She said Yes | Manhattan, KS Wedding Photographer

Manhattan, Kansas Wedding Photographer
and surprise proposals too!

I had the best time playing private investigator last month, when Oscar called me up and asked if I could somehow capture his proposal to Angela, but without being seen!  By the way, this was within a day or two of his redeployment!  So, the scene begins.... I started off sipping my coffee at Radina's in Aggieville, while they ate lunch next door at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Then I get the text, that they were on the move and heading for a stroll around campus.  I trotted across the street, putting my sunglasses on, and got in my car, and proceeded to move to the parking lot at K-State where they would eventually be coming back around from Lover's Lane.  I was ready.  Cameras in check.  Long 300 mm lens, check.  Coat.  Boots.  Gloves.  I was darting in and out of bushes trying not to be seen, snapping pictures of them walking and talking.  Then down he one knee!  And she said, yes!  I cannot wait for their upcoming wedding this April.  We're heading to Kansas City for their big day!

 What girl wouldn't love to relive this day over and over again with these great images!  Especially the ones where he is down on his knees.  Pitter Patter ♥


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