Thursday, March 14, 2013

Arctic Bound - Northern Lights

March 7-13, 2013

~a few highlights~

Let's just start off this blog post with some punch!  Our last day in Fairbanks, Alaska, we went up to Cleary Summit to catch the most spectacular disply of our trip.  Visible to our eyes, we watched these lights dance in the sky.  My cousin, Tom and I were the photographers with the right equipment.  We both got some great images to share!

  the pictures are not necessarily in order of our trip.

A little light painting on the Ski Lift's summit house.

 This is from the first night we arrived and this is out in front of our lodge.  Took some shots looking towards the city of Fairbanks from the A Taste of Alaska Lodge.  Another group of photographers made this igloo dome.  There is a gal inside painting with her flashlight.

The sun at this time of year was out consistently through the day, but it was wonderful.  It was always about 4 o clock in the sky.  The perfect golden hour all day long.  And the STARS!  oh my.  I thought I had it really good here in Kansas, but as you can see, the stars are much more vibrant and bright...even with the light pollution from Fairbanks.

 Thought my fellow Kansans would appreciate this one!

 This is from our first night, my first display of the Aurora.  This was BARELY visible to our eyes, but we knew which direction to point our cameras toward and then expose for about 20 seconds.

 A Taste of Alaska Lodge

 This store is in Joy, Alaska...on the Dalton Highway that leads north to the Arctic Circle and then on to Prudhoe Bay.

(Joy, Alaska)
Hey...can you find the car in this picture???

My wonderful Aunt Susan and Mom (Kerry) stopping for a look on the Dalton Highway in Northern Alaska.What a beautiful day and beautiful weather we had!

 Here we are!  We made it!  Wow!
Just to prove I was there too :)  All Ninja style, you can tell it's me, right?

This was taken about 3:30 am on the way back towards Fairbanks on the Dalton Highway.

 On another day, we went to Chena Hot Springs!  Wooooo Hooooo!  Just what we needed.

And some Dog Sledding, of course.  A 2-hour adventure.  I"m in the sled, while my brother is on the way back sled.  Our leader is driving us.  Then my brother, Danny got to drive, and I rode on the way back sled. It was similar to skiing..... sort of.

Can you see Danny, behind me?

Elevation of Summit Mt. McKinley: 20,320 ft (6,194 m)

And to top of an amazing adventure, Mt. McKinley (aka Denali) decided to grace us with her presence on our sunrise plane ride back to Anchorage.  Kinda looks small from our airplane, LOL.  It's only the tallest peak in the United States.

We also spent a day hanging out with my great friends that I knew in Germany who are stationed now at Fort Wainwright.  Marissa, Justin, Kelcie and Kacie.  We drank coffee (of course), went to the see the North Pole, the Ice Sculpture competition, and had dinner at the Pump House.

On another day, after Chena Hot Springs, we raced over to the University of Fairbanks and toodled around the Alaska Museum where I picked up these books to read.

Afterwards, we met with a friend of my Aunt Susan's for dinner at LaVelle's in downtown Fairbanks.  Spoiled Rotten on this trip.  I will be making hard cover photo books for all of us as a way of saying THANK YOU.   Thank you Mom and Aunt Susie!!!

Oh and yes...I almost forgot.  We DID see a Polar Bear.   Two Polar Bears, in fact.
Why yes, that is a Polar Bear.  In Alaska.
Here is another Polar Bear we saw..... in Alaska.

Bucket List Item √√√√√


Mrs. Beal said...

Truly remarkable trip. You are going to win some prizes with these pictures, I just know it!

Angie Cunningham said...

Very cool! Thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

Ali, these are so awesome! Thanks for sharing!

It was great to see you, too!!

Aunt Barbara

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful memories! So glad I had my photographer along!

Jessica Kent said...

I smiled in awe through the whole blog :)

Homefront Six said...

Oh, these pictures make me miss Alaska even more! That was our first duty station and my husband and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary at Chena Hot Springs! Beautiful pictures!