Monday, March 17, 2014

Certified Professional Photographer | Souriant Designs | Manhattan, Kansas

{Exciting News!} This photographer has earned credentials behind her name! 

Certified Professional Photographer

Ali Butterfield Mocabee, CPP 

is now a CERTIFIED Professional Photographer. Having earned the CPP designation, that means she has passed a comprehensive written exam measuring her technical expertise, and she has successfully submitted her work to a panel of judges for review and approval. If you'd like to learn more about what this means for Ali and Souriant Designs and for YOU who HIRE a CPP, please follow this link...

This is something I have been wanting and planning to do for about 7 years now!  Intimidated by the process and by the amount of time and money I would have to invest, I put it off for too long.  Finally in the early months of the year 2013, I made the commitment and registered for a certification class that would be held at Kansas Professional Photographers School in June.  I spent a hard core week with my peers and instructors and finished up with the exam, given by PPA (Professional Photographers of America).  I spent the next several months preparing for the second part of the process...putting together an image portfolio that would satisfy certain criteria that the judges were looking for, showing that I understand and could apply the technical expertise that I had been taught.  Finally after submitting my portfolio for the second time in March 2014, I got word that I had passed and am now certified.  What an amazing and thrilling accomplishment!!  You can learn more about this process and what it means for the photographer and the client.  Go to

It's been quite the journey for me!  I still love this quote...
"Satisfaction lies in the effort, not the attainment.  Full effort is full victory!"  Mahatma Gandhi

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