Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Digital Camera Basics Summer Workshops | June 16-23 | July 14-23 | Manhattan, Kansas Photographer

Come learn basic photography from one of Kansas's leading professionaly certified photographers.

Combining my college degree in education, my graduate courses in education, and my love and passion for photography into the NEXT STEP.

I am offering my first classes in Basic Digital Photography. This is an introductory price as I get my feet wet, but I promise you it will be very worth it as I have been teaching and mentoring most of my adult life, and have a degree in education. After these first two sessions, the price will go up! If you have a nice camera with more functions than you know what to do with, and you want to take your photos from "eh" to "wow" then this class might be for you! Photography is the "study of light" and I will show you how some simple tricks of looking for the right light will transform your images. Come join us in Session One or Two this summer, and let's take your skills to the next level! One night we will stay late and do some dusk shooting. We will also talk a little bit about how to take creative photos with your phone cameras! Call now for more information and to reserve your spot! First session starts NEXT MONDAY!

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