Friday, January 02, 2015

Snowflake - A Closer Look

I was finally able to capture my first snowflakes last winter (2014).

I discovered a few helpful tips:

1. It has to be the right kind of snowfall with no wind.  Light, fluffy, and big flakes are the best.  Just experiment and don't get frustrated if one day doesn't work out.  Go out and try again.  My first few attempts were complete busts.

2.  You need something with "fiber" to catch your flakes and help make them not only stick but to stand out on their own.  A sweather, or glove....  see what works for you.

3.  Wide aperture is NOT best in this scenario.   I find f8.0 to work well for the best definition.  My first image was shot with a wide aperture, and it has a cool mystical effect, but it loses its detail.  Also remember that a fast shutter speed helps capture crisp detail.  Aim for at least 1/200th of a second minimum.  And of course, push your ISO up to compensate.  You may have to add a reflector or flash  to help brighten up your scene since it will be snowing outside ;-)

Don't you think?  Love how each one is unique.

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~Ali Butterfield Mocabee, CPP

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