Thursday, February 18, 2016

August Rhys - A Birth Story | Manhattan, Kansas Birth Photographer

I am so excited to share this birth story with you!  I warn you though.... Rebecca makes birthing look way too easy.  This may or may not apply to your own birthing experience. And it sure as heck didn't apply to mine!  Rebecca checked in to Labor and Delivery at 7am.  By 9am, they broke her water.  By 11:34, baby boy August was here!  A few pushes from a very calm and quiet mother, and she's done!  It truly was a miracle to witness, and that baby came out the cutest thing ever!

Take a look at this beautifully put together video montage and experience the miracle for yourself!

If you are interested in having a birthing photographer present at your next delivery, please give me a call!  I would love to discuss this unique option with you.  You won't regret having something as fleeting and special as your child's birth recorded for you to look back on again and again.

Ali Butterfield Mocabee, CPP

Manhattan, Kansas

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Georgia Briggs said...

Precious & miraculous!